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Keeping You Safe

Every morning while the kids are getting ready for school and we are making breakfast and lunches we turn on the news. This morning Good Morning America aired a segment about a very scary inflatable rental.

This is every parent's nightmare and after seeing this and with the weather warming we want to make sure you and your family have a safe and fun summer. For us, this starts with ensuring our employees are properly trained and ensuring that inflatables are delivered, set up and picked up safely for your enjoyment.

Don't Risk It - Why You Should Only Rent Inflatables From Reputable Companies

So, if you're planning a big event or party with inflatable bounce houses, slides or other inflatables, you can't afford to cut corners when it comes to safety. Renting from a fly-by-night operator or using poorly maintained inflatables can lead to serious injuries. As parents of two amazing kids, we understand the importance of our kids safety and while we can’t predict what Mother Nature will do we want you to know that Freestyle is committed to the safety of you and your kids.

Ensuring the equipment is properly installed and secured while being mindful of inclement weather can help reduce the risk of injuries related to inflatable accidents.

Fly-by-night rental outfits may not have adequate safety standards. All of our inflatables undergo regular inspections and maintenance, and are always properly anchored and secured by our certified installation team for your peace of mind.

At Freestyle, we have a track record of putting safety first which is what you want when it comes to your kids. Check out our Facebook post we shared to spread the message about proper inflatable safety protocols. #FreestylePartyRentalsSafety

News stories like this are a reminder that the inflatable rental business needs to be taken seriously. As a reputable company, Freestyle is fully insured and has robust safety practices in place. You can check out our safety policies here.


How an inflatable should be staked down…

Inflatables should be strapped and staked down in at least three places! Heavy sandbags (50+ lbs per bag) can be used as an alternative if stakes are not possible. Remember if it’s windy better to deflate and stay safe!


So, why risk it with questionable operators?

At the end of the day, no amount of savings is worth compromising on safety, especially when kids are involved. Whether you’re planning a backyard birthday party or a larger event, we want you to have peace of mind knowing your inflatable rentals were delivered, set up and checked over by experienced and certified professionals.

Save yourself the heartache and tragic headlines… We hope you will rent with us but if you don’t we will hope you go with an inflatable rental company you can trust.

Let’s Inflate the Fun!

Colleen & Arthur

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